Treasure Hunt Newcastle

Have fun and see Newcastle a different way

You’re going to Newcastle and you want to have some fun. There are so many cool things to see, it's tricky to take it all in.

It’s no fun wandering aimlessly. Feeling like you’re missing the cool areas or the lesser known sites. You don’t want to spend all your time looking at your phone, not actually seeing anything. With your other half getting bored and hungry.

What about planning your own route and hoping for the best? Sounds like a lot of work trawling blog posts and reading reviews. And you’ll probably miss the hidden gems as all the blogs just list the same attractions.

Will you see the best bits, or will you end up hiking up hills all day?

You know Newcastle’s got stunning architecture, amazing old pubs and a picturesque Quayside. It’s just a question of having fun seeing it all.

Treasure Hunt Newcastle

Pore over treasure maps and ponder cryptic clues.

Scour Newcastle's mighty streets to find the answers.

A dotted path where X marks the spot
The Tyne Bridge in the sunshine

Follow a carefully designed route around Newcastle. Uncover a hidden medieval friary, march past grand Victorian buildings and relax by the river. Take the lesser known path but still see the Quayside and the other main sights.

Spot things other people don't notice like the private library where the light-bulb was first demonstrated.

Learn some fun facts and stories like how a school teacher committed the perfect crime. Nothing too heavy, you're here to have fun!

A group of friends looking for a clue from a bridge

Go at your own pace. Swing by a pub or cafe that takes your fancy along the way. Take it easy by the Quayside.

A dotted path where X marks the spot

Don't take our word for it: we're rated ★★★★★ on Tripadvisor with 41 reviews.

Are you organising a special occasion? 🎉

Treasure Hunt Newcastle will take you on a fab route around the city, spotting clues and following treasure maps, all at your own pace.

A group of friends exploring tourist attractions by playing {{< param

Barrels of fun!!

We had a great time doing Treasure Hunt Newcastle! It was a really good length and took us all round the city, so it was a perfect way to orientate ourselves for the rest of the weekend. The clues were a good level of challenge, and there was always a helpful hint if we needed it! Plus plenty of great recommendations for places to stop for a well earned pint. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Hannah C, Tripadvisor

What a day out!

As a total Newcastle newcomer this was the perfect way to get around somewhere new. You really see Newcastle in all its glory, and the headscratchers come thick and fast as you get around the city. I was very impressed with the interface (including old-timey piratey maps!)

A W, Google

It works like a WhatsApp
group chat

You don’t need to download or print anything and it doesn’t need any permissions.

Plus, you get to start when you want.

1. Follow maps 🧭

Bess sends you a series of treasure maps, leading you around Newcastle.

The clues and maps are a lot of fun.
This is a great way to see the city!”

Captain Bess Now for a change of scene, let's head down by the river...

2. Search for answers 🔎

Bess sends you a series of clues and you have to search the city for answers.

Good banter from Captain Bess who sends you the clues!”

Captain Bess A family firm,
who slowly became
Forgotten and faded,
what was their name?

Black Beard Beth Jones?

Captain Bess Nay, yer askin' to be walkin' the plank!

Long Joe Silver Wills?

Captain Bess Aye! That's it!

3. Learn some facts 🎓

Along the way, Bess will tell you a few interesting facts and stories about the things you're spotting in Newcastle!”

We learnt new things and actually appreciated the beautiful scenery as we went around the city.

Captain Bess It's a fire insurance mark, to show the firemen ye've paid yer dues! If not, they'd stand by 'n' watch yer house burn, imagine that!

4. Play together 👨‍👩‍👦

Captain Bess will invite you all to join the hunt!

We had such a laugh and a great day out!

Captain Bess Ahoy there! Ye must be the one they're talking about. Lookin' to join me ship, the Rising Pearl?

Buccaneer Beth Yes!

Captain Bess Ye'll be needin' help, have ye a crew?

Lianne Pinkbeard joined the game.

Parrot Pete 🦜 joined the game.

Parrot Pete Arrrrrrr!

Lianne Pinkbeard I'm ready to set sail! ⚓️

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A different way to see Newcastle

A treasure hunt is more like a game than a traditional tour. You have to follow treasure maps, solve cryptic clues and keep your eyes peeled to find the answers.

You’ll have some banter with our friendly pirate Captain Bess. She’ll put you in your place if you get too many answers wrong!

Take your time, go at your own pace

You can start when you like, there’s no fixed start time. You can even finish the next day if you get stuck in a nice pub!

Fancy a detour into the Black Gate? No problem! Go at your own pace and enjoy things you spot along the way.

Play on your own terms. It's just you and your team, like a private tour.

Great way to see the city at your own pace!

My daughter (older teen) and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon in glorious sunshine taking our time around the Treasure Hunt. Although tricky at times we only opted for 2 hints and found the course very doable. We stopped for a drink and a snack so it took most of the afternoon, but we were in no rush and got to see all of the sights of Newcastle with some interesting history and facts along the way. A great idea for a self-guided tour of the city.

Tuitee, Tripadvisor

Start playing in 60 seconds

It’s all on your phones, there’s nothing to print or collect.

Book online and you’ll get a link to start your game straight away.

You can rearrange or cancel

We’re flexible. If you change your mind, or if your Newcastle plans are disrupted, play another day or cancel for free.

Fun or your money back

We think you're going love Treasure Hunt Newcastle!

If you don't have fun, we promise to give your money back. We'll ask for a quick chat on the phone to understand what went wrong.

See more than just Tyne Bridge

No spoilers... You'll see the main areas like the Quayside and Grainger Town, but the best bit is getting off the beaten track and discovering a few hidden gems.

Absolutely awesome!

Did this with my boyfriend as an anniversary treat and we both had a great time. He's a Newcastle local and I'm not, so don't worry if you already live there, you'll still have a great time. We stopped at a bunch of pubs and places that they recommended, real hidden gems. 10/10, mega fun.

Rachel H, Google

Tyne Bridge - the most iconic and celebrate of the bridges spanning the Tyne!

The steel and granite Tyne Bridge in the sunshine

Grey's Monument - built to commemorate Earl Grey, a political from Newcastle who went on to become Prime Minister.

The City Walls - the remains of a medieval defensive wall built when the North was under threat of invasion from Scotland!

Black Gate - A fortified gatehouse part of Newcastle's Castle, now a fascinating museum room.

The wooden entrance to Black Gate, an imposing stone gatehouse.

Central Arcade - a stunning shopping arcade, rebuilt in an Edwardian Style at the end of the 19th Century.

Two rows of shops inside of Central Arcade, with Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Former Co-op Building - a magnificent art deco building, this was once of of the city's most elegant shopping outlets.

The two towers of the art deco Former Co-op Building in Newcastle city centre.

The Quayside - a lively spot with spectacular vies of the Tyne and interesting historic houses.

Blackfriars Medieval Friary - establish in the 13th Century, this is one of the oldest buildings in Newcastle. Once one of the large friaries in the country!

A fabulous tree in a courtyard, surrounded by the brick buildings of the medieval friary.

Lit & Phil - stepping inside this magnificent independent library is like stepping back in time!

Numerous bookcases lining the walls of the Lit & Phil independent library.

St Nicholas Cathedral - located in the heart of the city, it's recently reopened after a major refurbishment and is stunning.

Intricate religious paintings on the altar inside St Nicholas Cathedral.

Grey Street - renowned for its beautiful Georgian architecture this street is one of the most beautiful in the country!

Theatre Royal - a leading theatre in the North East, each year it hosts over 300 shows!

By the end, you'll have a great idea of the different areas and you might have a few pubs in mind for another day.

What if it rains? 

If it's patchy rain, just pop into a pub or restaurant: the treasure hunt is flexible.

If it's too soggy you can reschedule for tomorrow, or you can split it over two days if you like.

If it's really chucking it down and you don't want to end up in the Tyne, we’ll give you a refund, even if you've started the game.

Will it be too difficult?

Don't worry! The treasure hunt has some tricky clues, but if you get stuck you can ask for a hint.

We'll make sure you don't get totally stuck, ambling between the pubs of Grainger Town...

Will I have fun if I'm from Newcastle?

Yes! You already know the city, but we bet you'll notice things you've walked past a hundred times before.

We've worked hard to find the less-obvious stuff - beyond the typical blue plaques - and some interesting stories and anecdotes. You're going to have a great time!

Is it suitable for kids?

The game is designed for adults and curious kids aged 8 and up.

A family perched on a sculpture playing Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Younger ones are welcome though you may have to help by interpreting the clues and Captain Bess' pirate speak.

The whole route is pushchair friendly, avoiding steps or showing step-free alternative routes.

We’re a family of four with a 13 year old and a 11 year old. Mum was map reader, dad reminded kids about clues, and kids were hunting for clues.”

—Lexie, Tripadvisor

A big thumbs up from all the family!

A great day out - wear trainers! We went at some pace - me, hubby and 2 boys (13 and 10) and still, with a short break for a slice of pizza in Grainger Market, and a drink at Pitcher & Piano on the Quayside, it still took us about 5 hours (only one Hint used!)

However, we had a great time, the kids stayed engaged for all of it… but beware! The clues are not easy! Brilliantly challenging though.

S P, Tripadvisor

Will it be too physical?

It's 2½ miles walking and there are places to rest along the way. Take a rest in a pub or cafe, or split over two days if you get too tired.

Ready for a different way to see Newcastle?

  • Follow a carefully designed route around Newcastle.
  • See Newcastle's finest streets and coolest spots. Discover an ancient friary and the dazzling Quayside..
  • Start whenever you like, take it at your own pace.
  • 1½–2½ hours of fun, all outdoors.

How does it work?
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“We had a great time doing Treasure Hunt Newcastle! It was a really good length and took us all round the city, so it was a perfect way to orientate ourselves for the rest of the weekend. The clues were a good level of challenge, and there was always a helpful hint if we needed it! Plus plenty of great recommendations for places to stop for a well earned pint. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

—Hannah C, Tripadvisor

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The Castle and the Quayside starts from:
Grey's Monument, 150 Grainger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5AF